RMA Request (00-90-33-)
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RMA Request Forms Overview
These pages will let you request an RMA to return defect material to innovaphone by filling out a few simple forms:

  1. Overview
    This page

  2. Company Information
    Define your company information including your innovaphone account id (this is not necessarily the shipping address for return material!)

  3. Administrational Contact
    Let us know who is dealing with this RMA request from an administrational point of view. Normally, this will be yourself

  4. Technical Contact
    Let us know who is dealing with this RMA request from a technical point of view. This will normally be the field technician who determined that the device is defect somehow. This person needs to be available to innovaphone personal for further technical questions.

    If you need to request more than one RMA (because you want to return more than one device), you may repeat from here for each device to return

  5. Device Information
    The required information for one individual device

  6. RMA Cost Overview
    Repairs may incur some cost. Here is a summary of the cost for your device.

  7. Order Details
    Tell us the order details, such as the address where the repaired device shall be sent to etc.

  8. Summary and Submission
    Summary and request submission per device

  9. Finish
    Please note that we will wait up to 6 weeks for your device to be shipped to us. If the device is not received within this time period, the RMA issue will be closedYou need to create a new RMA if you still intend to send it in.

    You may ship the defective device to us right away. There is no need any more to have your RMA request validated by us as it used to be before!

    You are done with this device and a confirmation email has been sent to you.

    To continue with another device, click the 'Restart' button.